End of this Amazing Journey: GSoC-21

Hello Everyone, the GSoC-21 program has been ended and I had submitted my detailed final work report as well.  I am writing this blog to express my views about GSoC 21, the experience that I gained through this program & with the LibreHealth organisation. 

I will also provide a brief of all the work done during this journey with relevant links & details.


In various low/middle-income countries children die in just a few days after their birth due to the inadequate supply of facilities that they require. The important fact is that all of these deaths are Preventable and can be prevented by providing proper knowledge to the mothers of the babies and other people and by providing a proper tracker facility to track the health status of the baby in the early days of his birth.

As a sort of solution MHBS applications are launched which is a set of 4 applications. Out of which I had worked on the mhbs-trainer and mhbs-tracker. Tracker is used for data collection which is built from the dhis2 mobile application and trainer is used to access the resources.

The goal of this project is to develop the scale-up version of the existing mHBS application, updating the old code base and adding new features, providing a feature to access media resources uploaded on the dhis2 through the trainer app which will be used for the training of the individual.

Objectives Of The project

1. Add Media Module.
2. Update mHBS-tracker with latest dhis2 app.
3. Add offline support & sync facility for all media files.
4. Add app usage tracking module.
5. Standardize code quality.

I am listing down the important MRs and their link. For the details please check the Final Report.
  1. Update mHBS-Tracker & Set-up CI/CD - Merge Request 12

  2. Added Media Page | Added Feature to play any type of media file | Set-up CI Pipeline - Merge Request 194

  3. Added offline support - Merge Request 195 & Merge Request 198

  4. Added System to track app usage - Merge Request 196

  5. UI Improvements & Filtering Options - Merge Request 199

  6. Exported Mhbs Tracker app Metadata - Merge Request 16

  7. Passed user credentials to trainer app - Merge Request 13

    Other Supporting MRs & Tested/Fixed Issues :)

  8. MR-201 | Issue-196 - Updated cordova secure storage plugin.
  9. Issue-14 - View data completion form.
  10. Issue-13 - Create seconds data element for OSCE B.
  11. Issue-10 - Tested all the features of Module_1_mHBS_General_User_Guide_JANUARY_30_2019_FINAL.pdf in the new tracker app.
  12. Issue-11 - Need to change frequency of tracker forms and HBB survey.
  13. Issue-12 - Need to modify HBB infrastructure survey.
  14. MR-14 | Issue-4 - Fixed mHBS logo.
  15. MR-15 - Fixed mHBS tracker app CI-Pipeline.
  16. MR-197 | Issue-193 - Removed embedded - Keeping baby warm video.

Weekly Blog Posts


  1. Youtube link to Final presentation.
  2. Final Report.

Thoughts on GSoC

GSoC was one of the best experiences that I ever had. There was an immense amount of knowledge to be gained and it taught me how great minds from different parts of the world work to make a product alive.

Thanks to my mentors who always came to my rescue and guided me throughout the journey. My coding standards have greatly improved and my experience with Android has been great.

The part I enjoyed most was the new technologies with which I got exposure through this program.

I would love to contribute to mHBS Applications in the future and guide the new enthusiast and pass on the knowledge I gained to them.


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