First Week of Coding : 7June -11 June

Hello Guys! The most exciting thing has begun that is the coding phase of GSoC-21. My community bonding period was gone good in discussing things and setting up the environment. This blog contains the work done by me in the First Week of the coding phase.

First of all, I want to share one important point with you :

  1. We had shifted our mHBS-Tracker app to GitLab from Github. Its new link is here.
Merged latest changes of dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app

Since our repo is very much lagging the new changes of the dhis2 app. The most important task that should be done at the first priority is to merge all the upstream changes. Our repo has approx. 1118 commits whereas in today’s time dhis2 app has approx. 8K commits. Therefore as a first task, I had merged all the upstream changes to our repo in order to work on the dhis2 app.

Modified the dhis2 app to work as mHBS app

After merging the upstream changes we are ready to work on the dhis2 app. Now to use it as a mHBS Tracker app we need to do some modifications to it as per our need. Therefore I had made all those UI changes and App Data changes to make it work as per the needs of the mHBS Tracker App.

List of modifications and other features :

  1. App Name and Logo has been changed.
  2. UI Improvements.
  3. Added External others app of mHBS to app drawer.
  4. Added functionality to open other mHBS apps.

Screenshots of the New mHBS App :

Setup CI/CD Pipeline to automatically build apk/artifact

Without CI/CD it difficult to check whether the particular code will build properly or not and we have to think about a local clone of the project or any other option to get its latest apk. To solve this I had set up the CI/CD Pipeline as well with the MR sent.

Fixed some of the known build errors

There are various build errors that were causing the problem in the successful build of the application I had solved a few of them. But still, there are some issues which need to be resolved but they are not interrupting the apk to build, these are just be reflected when apk is building. You can get a successful build and the latest apk from the code now as well.

Works Done in the First Week 

  1. Merged the upstream changes that have more than 6K unmerged commits.
  2. Modified the final merged code to have features and look like the mHBS app.
  3. Set up CI/CD to automatically build the apk and check for errors.
  4. Fixed Some of the build errors.

Important Links

  1. Merge Request: Having code of all the work done in the first week. It has been merged to the main branch successfully.
  2. Last Triggered CI Pipeline: This pipeline was triggered lastly in the MR.
  3. Last Triggered Job and Artifact Link: Contains all the build log printed while running the ‘assembleDebug’ job. You can download the apk from the right panel of this job page from the ‘Job Artifact’ section.
  4. CI/CD Setup Issue: Link of the CI/CD Setup issue solved with this MR.

Work to be done in the next week 

  1. Solved the build errors of the mHBS Tracker app. There are mainly two problems for the mHBS app :

2. Start working on the mHBS Trainer app for the media section.

3. Check for the complete smooth working of mHBS app and Improvements.


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