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Eighth Week of Coding 26th July - 30 July

Hello Everyone, I am elated to share that project is going good and mostly all the issues are being sorted in the GitLab. This week I had tested the workflow of the apps, fixed few bugs and updated Readme and added some demonstration videos to help in the use of mhbs apps.😀

Seventh Week of Coding 19th July - 23 July

 Hello Guys. This blog is to reflect the light on the work done in 7th week of gsoc-21.😀 Tested 3–4 Issues I had go through almost all the issues of the tracker and trainer app. I had tested issues 4 issues marked with testing label and prepared their solution. I will be discussing my approaches for these issues with my mentor and fixed them in next week. Fixed mhbs Logo Issue I ssue #4 In the tracker app some of the screens have the dhis-2 logo. It is now fixed to mhbs logo. Fixed I ssue #4   Related MR : Mhbs logo fixed Updated Trainer App Since we had added media page, offline support, app usage tracker in trainer app we want a small documentation details to be added to the readme for further reference. I had done it - Committed here ( 718f8756 ). Fixed Bug in GitLab CI There is a bug in GitLab CI code of trainer app. Gradle is building the apk correctly but it is not assembling the artifact correctly. It is my mistake what I had made earlier. I had corrected it. Committ

Sixth Week of Coding 12th July — 16th July

Hey Everyone, I am back with my weekly blog. Let’s have a look at work done in the 6th week of this amazing journey. Reimplemented and Completed App Usage Tracking System Guys actually as stated in the last blog I had completed the app usage tracking system but on discussing with the mentor We come up with a better approach and reimplemented the completed system. There are not very huge changes we just did some changes in the dhis2 storage part. Let’s have a look at how we are tracking the trainer app usage now - App usage is now stored in the user’s data store instead of the tracker program. For each page, a unique id is assigned with which the page usage is tracked in datastore and in local DB as well. There is a local DB support that will store the page usage and when the page usage exceeds the threshold limit for each usage then data will be sent to the dhis2 in the user’s datastore. When local app usage storage get synced with the dhis2 user’s data store then local DB will get res

Fifth Week of Coding 5th July - 9th July

  Hello Everyone, sorry for getting delayed in writing this blog. Last week's work is as follows:  Worked on App Usage Tracking System of Trainer App  To track the app usage I had followed these steps- Created “mHBS Trainer Usage Tracker” Tracker Program Created Tracked Entity Attributes to store [ total page visits, total time spent on a page, page visits per user, time spent on a page by per user]. Created “Page Usage Tracker” Tracked Entity with the above attributes. Created a tracker program i.e. “mHBS Trainer Usage Tracker” to track the tei created above (Page Usage Tracker). There are more than 40 pages in Trainer app. Enrolled tei for each page in “mHBS Trainer Usage Tracker” program. Now we can send data for each and every page to dhis2 in the Tracker program. 2. Created Local SQL- DB table to store app usage Users cannot remain online every time but we want the full usage of our app to track therefore we need some local storage to store app usage in offline mode and update

Fourth Week of Coding : 26 June - 2 July

Hello everyone, do you want to know what is the progress of our project?😏 Obviously, I am here to share that with you. So let’s have a look at the work done in the fourth week of this amazing journey🧐- This week I had set up Gitlab CI for our trainer app, Completed the offline support for the trainer app using SQLite database, added syncing UI in the app to differentiate the downloaded content, testing 2–3 issues that were mentioned in the last blog that they are resolved or not. Wait guys let’s discuss all this in detail😀- Set up CI/CD Pipeline to automatically build apk/artefact Without CI/CD it difficult to check whether the particular code will build properly or not and we have to think about a local clone of the project or any other option to get its latest apk. To solve this I had set up the CI/CD Pipeline as well with the MR sent last week and in the one sent this week also. Resolved Issues: #112 committed here - ce83405a   Last run Pipeline: #327895681 CI is also added to of