Eighth Week of Coding 26th July - 30 July

Hello Everyone, I am elated to share that project is going good and mostly all the issues are being sorted in the GitLab. This week I had tested the workflow of the apps, fixed few bugs and updated Readme and added some demonstration videos to help in the use of mhbs apps.😀

Tested or Fixed issues 

I have verified that there is a functionality in the mhbs Tracker app to mark the existing enrollment as complete and even there is also an option to re-open the completed enrollments as well.

To understand the working please check this.

  • Issue #13- Create “seconds” data element for OSCE B

I have checked the second data element presence and working in OSCE B form. I had tested few other things as well. The data elements that I had tested and present in OSCE form are :

  1. Start time -> (TIME type. (hh:mm))
  2. Ventilates with bag and mask within The Golden Minute (at ___seconds) -> (fill in the blank)
  3. Time of effective ventilation (chest moving gently at __seconds)-> (fill in the blank)
  4. Ventilates at 40 breaths/minute (30–50 acceptable) -> (yes only)

Link of the OSCE B Form: 

Link Check_OSCE_B_form_of_already_existing_event


  • Issue #10- Tested all the features that need to be present in the tracker app

All the features of Module_1_mHBS_General_User_Guide_JANUARY_30_2019_FINAL.pdf are being tested and present in the new tracker app.

But the new UI is entirely different and features may not be located in the place where they are shown in this file. I am thinking of making a new user guide for the tracker app and will discuss that regards with the mentor.

  • Issue #11- Need to change frequency of tracker forms and HBB survey.

I had checked the frequency of the existing HBB Survey and it is as per our need but mentors might want me to check the same for exported metadata. Till now I had not completed the work of exporting and importing metadata when it gets completed it will be fixed at that time.

  • Issue #12- Need to modify HBB infrastructure survey.

Similar to the above issue, I had checked its functionality with the existing HBB Survey and it is fine. We should also need to check it with exported metadata as well and will do that when exporting part gets completed.

Modify Syncing Logic for Media files.

There is a slight modification being made in the regular syncing of media files as per discussion with mentors. 

Previous Approach: Whenever the user clicks on any media file and if he is connected to the internet we will re-download the file and save replace it with its old locally saved copy. It was done to make sure that we always have the latest and correct file.

Problem With the Previous Approach: There would not be regular updates on the media file but whenever the user checks that media file it will get downloaded in the background and consumes a lot of the user’s data.

New Approach: As per discussion with the mentor we had decided that we will never update the existing media file if we need to update this file then we will remove it and upload a new copy with the same name in this way we never need to download the file again and again. However, you can change the name of an existing file, add a new file, remove old files but not updated the media content of the existing file.

As per the above discussion, I had made changes to the trainer app in order to stop downloading media content again and again. There are few bugs that I encountered during testing in the trainer app and has been fixed.

Committed : b8f6403d

Related Issue: Issue #14

Updated Readme file regarding Media Resources

I had updated the readme of the trainer app regarding all these logic and added resources like 



Committed : 8483042a 

Related MR: Link

Works Done this week.

  1. Tested or Fixed issues -

2. Fixed Issue #14 — Modify Syncing Logic for Media files.

3. Updated Readme — Added Documentation demonstrating to access media resources through trainer app and upload resources through dhis2.

    Committed 8483042a 

4. Related MR: Link

5. Small clips to depict the use of the media page.



Work to be done Next Week

  1. Fixing tracker app GitLab CI failed last week.
  2. Export metadata of tracker and trainer app and add to the readme.
  3. Some testing in HBB Survey after exporting metadata.
  4. Issue #14 — Create BMGF Indicators
  5. Issue #44 — Role-based restricted access for viewing tracked entities.
  6. Discuss with mentors about the complete app for further scale-up.

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impeding your project?

Export and Import of metadata and GitLab CI failed last week.

I want to discuss them with my mentor and want to get fix them.


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