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End of this Amazing Journey: GSoC-21

Hello Everyone, the GSoC-21 program has been ended and I had submitted my detailed final work report as well.  I am writing this blog to express my views about GSoC 21, the experience that I gained through this program & with the LibreHealth organisation.  I will also provide a brief of all the work done during this journey with relevant links & details. Project Title: Scale-up mHBS Applications. Primary mentor:  Saptarshi Purkayastha Backup mentor:  Sherri Bucher Student:  BHAVESH SHARMA Project Link:  P roject Thread Link Overview In various low/middle-income countries children die in just a few days after their birth due to the inadequate supply of facilities that they require. The important fact is that all of these deaths are Preventable and can be prevented by providing proper knowledge to the mothers of the babies and other people and by providing a proper tracker facility to track the health status of the baby in the early days of his birth. As a sort of solution MHBS a

Tenth Week of Coding 9th August — 15th August

Hey Everyone, I am back with my weekly updates about my GSoC journey😀. This amazing journey is about to its end guys, but really I never forget this great experience where I learned a lot of technologies & experienced a new tech side of android development in just a few weeks. This week I had a meeting with my mentor where I discussed some of the UI-UX related stuff that can make the user experience much better. Hence I have improved the UI of the app, uploaded educational resources over dhis2, find out some very important bugs that need to be resolved in the scale-up version. Let’s discuss them one by one - Segregated Media Resources into Categories- Earlier all types of media files either it is pdf, video, xls file, doc., etc. everyone is present in the single page. Since we have more video resources and Pdfs I have made out the filter options to view resources into 4 separate sections All Media, Videos, PDFs and Other files. Related Issue: Issue #195 Related MR: MR #199 Media

Ninth Week of Coding 2 August — 7 August

  Hey Everyone, this week I have fixed the tracker app pipeline that failed last week, exported the tracker and trainer specific metadata, tested them by importing them to the play servers and a lot more. Let’s discuss this in detail.   Fixed Tracker App Gitlab Pipeline Last week when I submitted an MR that passed the pipeline and was merged by my mentor into the main repo of the tracker app but it gets failed unexpectedly. The interesting fact to note is that it ran successfully in the commit with which I had submitted but the merge commit that my mentor made to merge it which doesn’t contain any new changes, and is only having the commits that I made failed the pipeline. I didn't get any reason for it.😌 But in the end, I made it find out the cause of it and fix it😀. I think it is due to the NDK version. I suggest if you are building it locally as well please try building after installing NDK Version 21.0.6113669 Related MR: MR-15 Exported Tracker App Metadata I had exported tra