Ninth Week of Coding 2 August — 7 August


Hey Everyone, this week I have fixed the tracker app pipeline that failed last week, exported the tracker and trainer specific metadata, tested them by importing them to the play servers and a lot more. Let’s discuss this in detail.


Fixed Tracker App Gitlab Pipeline

Last week when I submitted an MR that passed the pipeline and was merged by my mentor into the main repo of the tracker app but it gets failed unexpectedly.

The interesting fact to note is that it ran successfully in the commit with which I had submitted but the merge commit that my mentor made to merge it which doesn’t contain any new changes, and is only having the commits that I made failed the pipeline. I didn't get any reason for it.😌

But in the end, I made it find out the cause of it and fix it😀. I think it is due to the NDK version. I suggest if you are building it locally as well please try building after installing NDK Version 21.0.6113669

Related MR: MR-15

Exported Tracker App Metadata

I had exported tracker specific metadata so that one can import them in his own dhis2 instance and can get benefitted from the use of the mhbs — tracker app.

I have exported 2 mHBS Tracker App-specific metadata-

  • Exported HBB Survey Metadata
  • Exported HBB Program Metadata

To make both of the metadata importable I had deleted the old references from the metadata like “user”, “lastUpdatedBy”, “organisationUnit ”keys from the corresponding JSON. There are more than 4k+ such instances in the HBB Program metadata as it was heavily used by the bmgfdev instance users. 

Now the metadata can be imported into the new dhis2 instance easily.

Corresponding Issue : Issue #22

Corresponding MR : MR-16

Discussion Thread : Link

Import Testing of Metadata

I had tested the import of the metadata over Dhis-2 Play Severs with all data elements and attributes. There is 2 issue that my mentor suggested me to test with the export and import related to HBB Survey are also tested and can be closed as a FIX.

Issue #12 

Issue #11

What progress have you made this week?

  • Fixed the tracker app pipeline that failed last week
  • Exported HBB Survey Metadata & HBB Program Metadata
  • Tested Importing of testing Metadata
  • Can be Closed — Issue #12 Issue #11
  • Issue #22 — Export mHBS tracker and trainer metadata from DHIS2
  • MRs : MR-16 & MR-15

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Discuss with the mentor the features and issues to work on.
  • Fix more issues, check for current needs.


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