Seventh Week of Coding 19th July - 23 July

 Hello Guys. This blog is to reflect the light on the work done in 7th week of gsoc-21.πŸ˜€

Tested 3–4 Issues

I had go through almost all the issues of the tracker and trainer app. I had tested issues 4 issues marked with testing label and prepared their solution. I will be discussing my approaches for these issues with my mentor and fixed them in next week.

Fixed mhbs Logo Issue Issue #4

In the tracker app some of the screens have the dhis-2 logo. It is now fixed to mhbs logo.

Fixed Issue #4 

Related MR : Mhbs logo fixed

Updated Trainer App

Since we had added media page, offline support, app usage tracker in trainer app we want a small documentation details to be added to the readme for further reference. I had done it -

Committed here ( 718f8756 ).

Fixed Bug in GitLab CI

There is a bug in GitLab CI code of trainer app. Gradle is building the apk correctly but it is not assembling the artifact correctly. It is my mistake what I had made earlier. I had corrected it.

Committed f01c6cf9.

Work Done this Week

  • Fixed logo Issue. 
  • Updated Trainer App
  • Fixed Bug in GitLab CI.
  • Tested 3–4 Issues & prepared their solution. After discussing with mentor need to implement them.

Planning of next Week


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