Community Bonding at LibreHealth

 Hello everyone, I am glad to share that my project proposal was accepted by LibreHealth in GSoC-21 and I am going to spend my summer working with LibreHealth Community on the Project: Scaling up the mobileHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer applications — Projects / mHBS — LibreHealth Forums.

I am writing this blog to share my community bonding phase with LibreHealth. It was scheduled from 17th May to 7th June and the coding period will begin in about 10 days.

Project Description

The mobile Helping Babies Survive powered by DHIS2 (mHBS/DHIS2) Tracker (Java) and Trainer (HTML; JavaScript) applications, built within the DHIS2 Mobile platform, are designed to provide educational and training support for maternal and neonatal care among health care providers in low/middle-income countries. We help nurses and physicians in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America deliver evidence-based interventions that save maternal and newborn lives.

In various low/middle-income countries children die at a very low age just in few days after their birth due to the inadequate supply of facilities that they require. The important fact is that all of these deaths are PREVENTABLE and can be prevented by providing proper knowledge to the mother’s of the babies as well as to other person and by providing a proper tracker facility to track the health status of the baby in the early days of his birth.

mHBS (mobile Helping Babies Survive) solve these issues. There are 4 mobile applications, in various stages of design, development, evaluation, and deployment, within the award-winning mHBS/DHIS2 suite of digital tools.

  1. mHBS/DHIS2 Tracker (work: data collection)
  2. mHBS/DHIS2 Trainer (work: educational and training materials)
  3. Essential Care for Every Baby Digital Action Plan (work: clinical decision support)
  4. NeoRoo (work: data collection, education, and automated monitoring of neonatal vital signs among babies utilizing the NeoSMART biomedical device)

I will be working on the scale-up of the already existing mHBS/DHIS2 Tracker and Trainer app so that they can be published on the Play Store.

Community Bonding Period

I had used the last days of my community bonding period to set up the project and in getting familiar with its code base and most of the time I did one thing that was getting more idea of the project i.e. Research… Research… Research… and getting familiar with technologies that are going to be used in the coding phase to write a structured code.

We are going to use the dhis2 app codebase for our mHBS Tracker app to collect data from the users and mHBS Trainer app is not a java or android project it is written in HTML, CSS & JavaScript and we are using Cordova for running it on Android Platform.

  1. Read articles, documentation related to the project.
  2. Learned how to use Cordova for running it’s project on Android.
  3. Set up the codebase and ready to code.
  4. Learned a lot about the technologies and codebase.

Important Links

  1. Talk thread: Proceeding With GSoC
  2. Trainer App: GitHub Repo
  3. Tracker App: GitHub Repo


It was very great to start with the LibreHealth community.

This week onwards, I will be posting regular weekly blog posts on the updates on further progress on this project here. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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